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    I have an old database with circa. 200,000 records in it that we want to put on the web - will Access 2000 be able to handle this? We would prefer not to user SQL Server at the moment (no experienced team members!)<BR><BR>Thanks for your help!<BR><BR>Brandon

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    It depends on what kind of traffic you are expecting to have for your website, and the size of the record sets that you are going to be creating. <BR><BR>Additionally, be aware that the maximum size of an Access database is 2 GB, so if you are expecting the db to grow, you should migrate to SQL Server before putting it on the web. <BR><BR>SQL Server is not that difficult to learn, pick up the SQL Server for dummies book, it will teach you everything you know to get started.<BR><BR>So long as you know how to create a table in SQL Server, and build an SQL Server connection string in ASP, using an SQL Server DB VS. an Access DB there is no difference when you want to create a recordset, or perform low level SQL operations against the DB.<BR><BR>mj

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    In addition, never do anything like:<BR><BR>Select * from YourTable<BR><BR>This would bring back every record and your web page would probably timeout. You should always use a filter to get the minimum number of records:<BR><BR>"Select ID, Name, Address from YoutTable where ID = " & ID_No<BR><BR>The most records I have used in Access is &#060; 40,000, but the response was good. I was pulling individual rows and doing grouping to get totals (number of hits).<BR><BR>Good luck.

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