Hi!<BR>I have developed a 3-tier architecture WEB-enabled <BR>application which is a University2Student System. It is on <BR>Access2000(DB in the back-end) which has forms and reports <BR>and queries (for the University front-end) and I have <BR>ASP, .DLLs(in VB) for the front-end for Students.<BR><BR>Now Iam developing a newer version of it but in Oracle8i <BR>where instead of Access Forms, Reports, etc... <BR>I&#039;ll be using Developer6i. What I need to ask is how would <BR>I handle the tables using ASP. What is a better way?<BR>Either to query and store in a view?<BR>or Use Stored Procedures<BR><BR>If any one has worked on this type of architecture plz give <BR>me ur advices. All are encouraged. I want the info before <BR>developing ASP pages (before I get into a huge mess which <BR>would crack my brains out!)<BR><BR>I need a foolproof logic on the whole dev.<BR>