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    GripThor Guest

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    everything worked find untill I put the where command into my sql statment now I get a semicoln error and since I havn&#039;t ever put a semicolin into my statment befour I don&#039;t know what its asking for <BR><BR>user_update = "INSERT INTO Table1 (info) values (&#039;" & message & "&#039;) where id=" & userid<BR> <BR>set rc=con.execute(user_update)<BR><BR>??<BR>

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    Nils Bilhorn Guest

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    Since when was it possible to have where conditions for insert statements in SQL?<BR><BR>If you want to change a row, the syntax is<BR><BR> user_update = "update table1 set info = &#039;" & message & _<BR> "&#039; where id = " & userid

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