I am using the freeware upload component from freeware.webcom.se - it&#039s an out-of-process .EXE that takes uploads. Things work well with it if I upload via a form using the "file" tag. <BR>However, I would like to bypass this altogether and submit the filename(and all other necessary info) directly to upload.exe - I already know the filename so I would like to "hard code" this so my application will auto-send a file with one click. When I type this in the IE4 URL address bar <BR><BR>I get this in my log:<BR> Unknown<BR> Unknown<BR> Missing environment variable CONTENT_TYPE.<BR> 201<BR> Unknown<BR> Unknown<BR> #OverWriting<BR> Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows NT)<BR><BR><BR> STEELjoe<BR> 11/9/99<BR> 11:57:12 PM<BR><BR>Can you please tell me what I should pass to upload.exe to make it work successfully?<BR>