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    Does somebody know how I can find out from what country my visitors come??<BR><BR>Thanx

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    There are several things you can *try*. But none are guaranteed to work.<BR><BR>For starters, you could try doing reverse DNS lookup. has a component that does this, I believe. But what happens when a user comes through a proxy, or through one of the large international ISPs? (e.g., AOL)<BR><BR>If you can install a tiny ActiveX component on the user&#039;s machine (which may not be possible...*I* sure as hell wouldn&#039;t let you do it!), then you can call GetLocaleInfoA and have it return the name of the locale in use on that machine. But, of course, if a US citizen happens to be overseas, it&#039;s pretty unlikely that he/she is going to change the locale to Turkish, or whatever.<BR><BR>In short, I don&#039;t think there&#039;s a guaranteed way. Maybe the easiest thing to do is *ask* the user???<BR><BR>

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