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    i have a 3 tables, and a form that has fields to search all 3 tables, how can i construct sql statement to do the search,<BR><BR>eg: form variables<BR>name - in table1<BR>age - in table2<BR>gender - in table3<BR><BR>how can i construct sql statament to do the search?

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    It depends. Are your tables related in any way? If so<BR><BR>select * from t1,t2,t3<BR> where =<BR> and =<BR> and = &#039;Nils&#039;<BR> and t2.age = 22<BR> and t3.gender = &#039;Female&#039;<BR><BR>Or if they are they disparate you can use a union query provided that the select list are equal<BR><BR> select t1.c1,t1.c2 from t1 <BR> where = &#039;Nils&#039;<BR> union <BR> select t2.c2,t2.c3 from t2<BR> where t2.age = 22<BR> union<BR> select t3.c3,t3.c4 from t3<BR> where gender = &#039;Female&#039;<BR><BR>The select lists must be identical with regard to cardinality and type.

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