Avoiding uploading/downloading dbases

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Thread: Avoiding uploading/downloading dbases

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    Every week or so I download my database. I do offline editing, appending, deleting, compacting, mailshots, etc and then upload again.<BR><BR>I am terrified that one day I&#039;ll hit Get instead of Put (or vice versa). Do the pros leave their dbases online permanently? If so, can you do compacting online?<BR>

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    yes, you can compact online, but i generally never bother. I normally put up a private section of the site for DB administration and housekeeping tasks. It&#039;s a pain if you make a mistake with uploading and downloading, so I try never to do it. If I do need to do it, I attempt to close access to the parts of the site which may affect the DB before downloading, then do the upload and &#039;switch them back on&#039; - the online interface is best, taking a backup every so often.<BR><BR>j

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