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Thread: using array to store recordset

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    Default using array to store recordset

    i have a problem with my asp page...i have read "How To Pass a Variant Array Populated with a RecordSet From a VB Component to an ASP Page" part 1-3...and somehow my question was not answered...<BR>when retrieving values from a table i compare the record with the next one...if the value is equal it has to move on to the next record...the problem is it always goes out of range...pls help...your answer will be greatly appreciated...<BR>thanks...

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    Default sadly.. post your code.... and..

    and... once you post it, we can look at it. But... (now the sad part), I&#039;m going to bed (nearly 5AM here)... and hopefully somebody will rescue you in your dilema. <BR><BR>Always post code when asking "what&#039;s my bug", cuz we aren&#039;t psychics.<BR><BR>Cheers, <BR><BR>Vadim C.

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