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    Default advantages of ASP.Net

    how it is dirrerent from ASP.

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    ASP.NET is different from ASP in two major ways: first, ASP.NET offers several programmatic enhancements over ASP. Microsoft really did a great job of listening to ASP developers&#039; comments and ideas for improvements and incorporated those improvements in ASP.NET; second, ASP.NET offers a change in programming fundamentals, in the way you write the code for creating these pages. Chances are you are very comfortable writing ASP pages. Writing ASP.NET pages is an entirely different experience, in my opinion. I&#039;ll address both the programmatic enhancements in ASP.NET as well as the changes in the programming fundamentals. <BR>

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    Default A good summary

    You can read a good summary of ASP.NET and ASP&#039;s differences at:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    That is a pretty broad question ... there are a number of different reasons for why it is better.<BR><BR>* Code-behind / developers will now be able to keep their scripting code apart from their presentation code in a different file all together.<BR>* VB is better and gives you more control than vbscript!<BR>* C#<BR>* Inheritance<BR>* Web Services ROCK! (will result in less coding and increased functionality in many developers projects.<BR>* Plugin user controls (build once and use everywhere)<BR><BR>I could go on and on ... but I won&#039;t ruin it all for you! ;-)<BR><BR>Bill Evjen<BR>St. Louis .NET User Group<BR>

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