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    Hi<BR>How can i list all the databases on my server???<BR>Thanks<BR>Michele

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    &#062; How can i list all the databases on my server???<BR><BR>You might not be able to. You might not have permission to access all the directories on the server, so you wouldn&#039;t be able to find them.<BR><BR>And even if you can read the directory, you might not be able to access the database.<BR><BR>And what do you do about databases (such as DBase) that show up as *directories* instead of as files?<BR><BR>So, now... Narrow down the question a bit?<BR><BR>"List all the *accessible to me* ACCESS databases"??<BR><BR>Remember, the fact that an Access database file is named ".mdb" is simply a *convention*. I could easily store a text file or a program or even a picture into a file and name it "myFile.mdb". So searching for files with ".mdb" extensions isn&#039;t a *guarantee* that you&#039;ll find either all Access DBs *or* that everything you find will be an Access DB. <BR><BR>That having been said...<BR><BR>You could use the FileSystemObject and start at the root of each drive on the system and recursively search for "*.mdb" files in each directory on the drive. Ummm...Have you ever used "Find Files" from the START button menu? Do you know how *LONG* it can take to do such a search on a 30 Gigabyte drive? Do you *really* want to do this on an ASP page using FSO (which will surely be 2 to 5 times slower than the START menu method)? can do it. I just don&#039;t think I recommend it.<BR><BR>

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