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    I need to build a pen pal area into a website and I&#039;d appreciate some suggestions about the best way to go about this.<BR><BR>As presently conceived, visitors would fill in a form with their information (contact info plus a brief piece -- &#060;100 words -- about themselves) and maybe have the option of including a photo. These visitors would also be able to edit or delete their entry (does this mean including IDs and/or passwords?). Other visitors would then be able to view and search information and contact a pen pal via email.<BR><BR>Is this a job for CGI or ASP (both of which I know only in passing)? Or maybe a ready-made script exists that I could modify?..<BR><BR>Thanks for any light you can shed!<BR><BR>Philip Bishop<BR><BR>

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    Try here for a canned app.

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