I am working with FTPGetFile trying to download a file from a <BR>FTP Server. It seems to work great about 20% of the time but the other 80% it doesn&#039;t want to work and it just returns false.<BR><BR>Can someone please give me any ideas that you might have?<BR><BR>Here&#039;s my code:<BR><BR>set ftpConn = Server.CreateObject("AspInet.FTP") <BR>if FtpConn.FTPGetFile("FTPSERVERAddress", "userName", "password", fileName, ftpFileLocation,TRUE,FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_ASCII) then<BR><BR>else<BR><BR>&#039;&#039;&#039;<BR>end if <BR>set ftpConn = nothing <BR><BR>It usually works the first time it is tried on a certain day. But after that it is extremely sporadic and does not work but on a rare occasion or 2. <BR><BR>Anyone got any ideas? Caching? Should I use a different function?<BR><BR>Thanks for any responses<BR><BR>Best wishes.