I am currently trying to design a database layout for the following problem.<BR><BR>I am downloading some share data every fifteen minutes in a csv fromat (ie a comma seperated text file). Using the data transform service in MS SQL Server 7 database I am able to convert this into a database table.<BR><BR>This table will have the current share price for each share index for example the FTSE 100 and will be replaced every fifteen minutes with fresh prices.<BR><BR>I need to store the price history of each share equity (ie Abbey National) . Using the share history I then need to display a chart of each share equities price throught the day, (simple yea :( ) <BR><BR>Trouble is I am not sure how to archieve the price, should I have seperate tables for each equity, but what would the fields be and also there will be too many tables ie 100 in FTSE 100 and 250 in FTSE 250. Another option could be to store it in a text file.<BR><BR><BR>If anyone can help me or has any idea they would be very much appreciated<BR><BR>thanks Tom<BR><BR>( any idea about how to create the charts would also be most welcome)