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    I am using a personnal webserver to run my asps,I have used a DSN<BR>connection using the system DNS and had the connection looking like this:<BR>%&#062; <BR>SQL = "SELECT * FROM Contacts Where " & request.form("txtField") & " LIKE &#039;%%" & request.form("txtSearch") & "%%&#039;" <BR>DbConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") <BR>DSName = Session("DSName") DbConn.Open("DSName;") <BR>RS = DbConn.execute(SQL) <BR>%&#062; <BR><BR>and on running the file I had this error<BR><BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039;800a0401&#039; <BR><BR>Expected end of statement <BR><BR>/searchsubmit.asp, line 4 <BR><BR>DSName = Session("DSName") DbConn.Open("DSName;")<BR>---------------------------^<BR>please help me out I need to get this working.what is really wrong here?.<BR>

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    now i&#039;m POSITIVE i&#039;ve already answered this question from you

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