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Thread: help using .asp and FrontPage extensions for form

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    Chad Self Guest

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    I thought it would be fairly simple to add a little bit of .asp to a survey form my company is preparing. What I wanted to do was be able to send the users a ling where they would click on the link to go to the survey and automatically fill in the first 3 questions, which were basically contact information. This was fairly simple to figure out and I did that and it worked.<BR><BR>HOWEVER - <BR><BR>Now my problem is that the from page (which was a simple .htm file but is now .asp obviously) DOES NOT WORK anymore with the Frontpage form handling extensions. All my validation works, but when you click SUBMIT and all fields are properly filled in, the page simply reloads as if you had clicked CLEAR rather than performing the form handling functions and sending the user to the "Form Received" page. This all worked before I changed it to ASP.<BR><BR>I learned some methods for using ASP for form handling (I can get it to do Email and even write to a file), the problem is we&#039;re writing it to a delimited text file for importation into a database and I can&#039;t get the output to format properly on items where I&#039;m using checkboxes and lists with multiple selections. I figured it might be easier to try and make the FrontPage form handling extensions to behave with my ASP rather than try to learn how to get the output to format properly when written to a file.<BR><BR>Can anyone help me? Drop me a line at and I can send you some of my source code. I didn&#039;t know a lick of ASP until about 5 days ago, and coding is NOT my forte, I am more of a designer than a developer but the people I work for don&#039;t seem to understand the difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Chad Self<BR>

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    Tom Martell Guest

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    If I understand your problem correctly, the issue is really having the asp page load the info into your database. If you go to I believe you may find an example to help you. Try looking in Begining ASP Databases

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