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    I&#039m getting an error I&#039ve never seen before (in 2+ years of ASP programming); I was wondering if anyone else has run into it. If so, what are the usual causes? Here&#039s the error:<BR><BR>error &#039ASP 0115&#039<BR>Unexpected error<BR>A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.<BR><BR>I&#039m getting this on every ASP page I try to load from my server. All these pages were working fine yesterday so it has to be a server configuration thing. Any ideas??

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    Here&#039s a link to a Microsoft article that will help you with this:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Let me know if this solves you problem.

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    Here&#039s another one from 15 Seconds, though I&#039d try the Microsoft recommendations first:<BR><BR>

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