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    Daina Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR> I am having problems to see asp page on the browser. when ever I tried to hit test.asp page I am getting "Page cannot be displayed" error. I could able to see same page if I save it as test.html page. What could be the reson for this?<BR><BR> Thanks in advance<BR>

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    antony francis Guest

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    hi daina<BR> We cannot run an asp page directly in a browser.To run an<BR>asp page you should have a web server(pws or iis),then you must<BR>give an alias for the physical directory of the asp file.<BR> After doing the above procedure,open the browser and<BR>type in the url for eg:<BR>alias reffers to the name which you have assigned and<BR>reffers to the web server.<BR><BR>try this out

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    Diana Guest

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    Sorry! I think I didn&#039;t give you enough information. Iam actually runing my asp pages from IIS 4.0 web server.<BR><BR>

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