i have some problems in working with the input type "Image" on netscape, client wants all the buttons to be images, when i tru to change the input type into images, these acts like a submitt buttons, so by default it submitts the page with out firing the validation events, i'm specifying the onclick event to the javascript functions, but it bypasses the javascript functions and submitts the page, so i thought of trying with a anchor tags, so i made a anchor tag and in the href i specified the javascript function, this actually executes the events but when the validation does met the necessary criteria i gave a "Return false;" in replaces the contents of the page with "False" instead. have any one faced the same problem. please help me out, thank you in advance. I should think of doing this is a vb script after the page is being submitted, but that wouldnt be professional, i want to keep tht as my final alternative.