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    I've put together a page that, using dropdown boxes, allows the user to make a set of selections in 7 dropdown boxes to get a return from a database. However each of the drop down boxes has a default value of None, incase the user doesnt know that value. How can I get my ASP to recognise this and return all values in the database, rather than insisting that there are no records with the value "none"? I am writing in VBScript and SQL.

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    In yer code, when you set up yer WHERE clause for the query, do something like this (keep in mind this is pseudo-code):<BR>If dropdown1.value &#060;&#062; "None" Then<BR>strSQL = strSQL & " WHERE value = " & dropdown1.value<BR>End If<BR>Then do the same for the other dropdowns, except that the concatenation will simply be " AND value = " ...

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