I dont like the prospect of using a loop to send emails via a component (timeouts etc) , but do like the idea of bcc or cc all.<BR>eg bcc if I want to hide the entire list.<BR><BR>So rather than :<BR><BR>Do while not rs.eof <BR>&#039;Send email via component to one user<BR>loop<BR><BR>Do it this way:<BR><BR>Do while not rs.eof <BR>&#039; Add receiptient to myEmail.cc<BR>loop<BR>&#039; Send Email <BR><BR>Is this possible, and will most components stand up to 1-10000 bcc fields via a loop (or getrows) ?<BR><BR>Are their any limits imposed on the b/cc fields of most common components?<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR><BR>