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    HELP!! My web site was working just fine, with 2-3 small access databases and 2 big SQL Server databases. Now any time a user tries to access ANY .asp page, the above message appears. The other .htm pages load just fine. My server people say it isn&#039t IIS or the server. Any suggestions? Microsoft does have any info on this "error."<BR>THANKS!

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    Default HTTP 1.1 Application Restarting( From MSDN site)

    Err Msg: HTTP 1.1 Application Restarting <BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>The information in this article applies to:<BR>Microsoft Site Server version 3.0, Commerce Edition<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>SUMMARY<BR>When certain changes are made to a Commerce Server Store using the Commerce Server Manager pages, those changes are committed to the Global.asa file for the store. When you save changes to the Global.asa file, the server finishes processing all of the current application requests before it recompiles the Global.asa file. During that time, the server refuses additional requests and returns an error message stating that the request cannot be processed while the application is being restarted. <BR>After all of the current user requests have been processed, the server deletes all active sessions, calling the Session_OnEnd event for each session it deletes, closes the application, and calls the Application_OnEnd event. The Global.asa file is then recompiled. <BR>Subsequent user requests will start the application and create new sessions, and trigger the Application_OnStart and Session_OnStart events. When you view an ASP page while the application is executing Application_OnStart, you will see the following error message: <BR>HTTP 1.1 Application Restarting <BR>The message is harmless and disappears when you refresh the page in your browser. <BR>MORE INFORMATION<BR>This error message is documented in the Commerce Server online documentation as being harmless. <BR><BR> <BR><BR>

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    Default RE: HTTP 1.1 Application Restarting( From MSDN sit

    Thanks for the article. I have no event handlers for application_onStart or Applicatio_OnEnd. That should not prevent the server from ending and starting new sessions, right?

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