Hello Everyone,<BR> We are facing a big challange. We need to create a database whrere there is a chain of members like <BR>http://www.skynet2k1.com/. When one member registers at this website he has to specify the a refrer who is already registered <BR>at this site. So the referer is his upline and he is referer&#039;s downline. There can be only two members <BR>at the first level downline like.<BR><BR> Member1<BR> ---&#124---------------------&#124---------<BR> Member2 Member3<BR>------&#124---------&#124----- -----&#124------------&#124--<BR>Member4 Member5 Member6 Member7<BR>&#124----------&#124 &#124-----------&#124&#124----------&#124 &#124-----------&#124<BR><BR>......and so on.....<BR><BR>This can go upto 15 or 20 levels and whenever a new member4 is registered under Member2 on the left <BR>side then member2 and member1 will have some percentage of income and so on. Now member2 has all his <BR> downline complete. If he (member2) wants to add a new member to his tree then he has to find a place <BR>on the left side which is member4 and then new member member8 will automatically be added under Member4 <BR>and commission will have to be shared between member4 and member2(this is known as spill over) and so <BR>on upto 13 levels. Weekly income of each member has to be calculated. This is the whole story.<BR><BR>Now please tell me how I have to create tables and how many. How I decide that if a person has to share <BR>income or not. Do I have to query the database 13 time or untill there is no member under the tree...<BR><BR>This is very complex problem. I have only 100 points......so enjoy