Hi....I got a problem here....the problem is i have a table which consist of have quite and amount of fields including one image field.....i save images into the database.<BR><BR>But my problem starts, is when i try to update or modify a record in a field which has a large image store....i can&#039;t update it....however if i save an image that is smaller, i was able to update the record.......<BR><BR>i use this code to update the table<BR>pbSQL = pbSQL & " UPDATE Auctions Set "<BR> pbSQL = pbSQL & " CurrentBid = " &iBidPlaced<BR> pbSQL = pbSQL & " , CurrentBidder = " & UserRS("ID") & " "<BR> pbSQL = pbSQL & " WHERE ItemID = " &bidRS("ItemID") & " "<BR><BR><BR>it only works when the image i uploaded into the same table is small and will coz error if the image is big.....how do i solve this problem....i was thinking of putting the image field into a different table....will it help.......<BR>