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    Moody_99 Guest

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    Hi Everyone<BR><BR>I am looking for someone interested in creating a few ASP pages connected to a Microsoft Access 2000 Database.<BR><BR>This is what I want:<BR><BR>I have a website (which I am still designing) located at <BR><BR>http://www.am-executive.co.uk<BR><BR>Please vist my site and look around before you decide any further.<BR><BR>The first (And most important) ASP page I want is for New Customers. They fill in all the fields (must be these fields) shown at:<BR><BR>http://www.am-executive.co.uk/Customers.asp<BR><BR>Once the Submitt button is clicked all the infomation entered MUST be sent to their email address and at the same time put into the MS Access Database (AND be given a confirmation page, IF POSSIBLE) .<BR><BR>Each Customer must be given a unique Customer ID Number which could be an Autonumber or Alpha numeric datatype (must be incremented automatically).<BR><BR>The other ASP pages will need to be identical to the ones shown (must contain the listed fields):<BR><BR>http://www.am-executive.co.uk/Arrivals.asp<BR><BR>http://www.am-executive.co.uk/Departures.asp<BR><BR>http://www.am-executive.co.uk/Tranfers.asp<BR><BR>http://www.am-executive.co.uk/Arrivals.asp<BR><BR>The important thing for the above pages will be to make sure a customer enters a valid Customer ID before proceeding onto the next available field.<BR><BR>All dates on all form must be given a Default Value of Current Date + 1 Day.<BR><BR>IF YOU THINK YOU THINK YOU CAN CREATE ALL OF THE ABOVE. <BR>PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT MOODY_99@HOTMAIL.COM NOW. PLEASE INDICATE AN ESTIMATED PRICE AND HOW LONG YOU THINK IT WILL TAKE YOU TO COMPLETE THE ABOVE JOB.<BR><BR>MOODY

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    Ajit Mahadeshwar Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR>I can develop this page for you, as I have already developed a registration page for 5paisa.com (http://regi.5paisa.com/5pregi/regi/asp/invregistration.asp) only additional thing you want is to generate automated emailing. For this purpose you will need to instrall either MIME objects or download some software which are available for free. This will take atleast one week to develope and will cost you Rs.6000/- (Indian Rupees). The price is for the confirmation page, Emailer and data saving page, Success page where user can see his unique no.<BR><BR>The pages can be sent to you through email, only thing you have to do is to send your test database to me at maps@vsnl.com.<BR><BR>thank you<BR><BR>Ajit Mahadeshwar

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    Mohammed Guest

    Default Sorry the job is taken

    I woul dlike to apologise to evryone who reads this message that the job has been taken. Sorry for any inconvienence caused.<BR><BR>Mohammed Razzaq

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