Error 500.12 Application Restarting?

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Thread: Error 500.12 Application Restarting?

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    My machine is Win2000 server, IIS 5 installed. I have a web site that displays screens, forms, etc., standard stuff. I have pages with forms that, when submitted, go to an interim or "response" page to write data to the back end Access DB and then are redirected to the next form. Again standard stuff.<BR><BR>My problem is that each time I go to one of these response page and am redirected I get the error "500-12 application restarting". When I hit refresh the screen proper screen appears but any data from the prior response page that should now be in session is not available. This is quite annoying and I haven&#039;t been able to track down a reason for it. I have checked every IIS setting that I can think of and I just don&#039;t get it.<BR><BR>Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated!!<BR><BR>Chip

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    I have a similar problem, but absolutely none of my .asp pages work anymore. I had a nice site with asp guestbook,asp database administration, asp site statistics, all now dead with the error 500-12. I&#039;ve tinkered with all settings. I&#039;ve removed IIS, deleted all but the very necessairy web pages (including deleting the global.asa, which Microsoft seems to blame), and reinstalled it all, and the same results. Hopefully we can both get help.

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