I am familair with paging techniques using ADO&#039;s client cursors, Static Cursor, PageSize, AbsolutePage, etc.<BR><BR>I am also familiar with paging techniques using a SQL Stored Procedure (SQL Server).<BR><BR>My question:<BR>Can a paging ADO recordset be created via a single Standard SQL Statement, without using a Stored Procedure?<BR><BR>How can I minimize the size of the recordset sent from the database server to the web server, using only Standard SQL with no Stored Procedures.<BR><BR>With ADO&#039;s paging techniques, the entire recordset is set to the web server (15,000 records sent; ADO script only pages 100 records at a time). I feel that I should be able to reduce the size of the recordset sent to the web server with Standard SQL Statement....but how?<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated!<BR> <BR><BR>