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    I finally wrote my first RegExp, and it worked...until I tried it in Netscape. I'm trying to limit a textbox to ensure that users enter a valid amount. Amounts are limited to a format of .xx, .xx, x.xx, xx.xx, or xxx.xx. I keyed the RegEx as var regex = /^s*((d{0,3})+(.)+(d{1,2}))s*$/, which I think means any # spaces, then 0-3 digits, then a decimal point, then 1 or 2 digits more. The only change I HAD to make (which then worked in NS4) was making d{0,3} into d{1,3}. Is this a known problem, or am I doing something wrong? NS showed a message saying "REGULAR EXPRESSION BEFORE + COULD BE EMPTY". Can what I want be achieved in NS? Please help!

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    try it in NN6 - then worry about it later.....<BR><BR><BR><BR>j

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