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    Maybe this is a dumb question.. can you have an array datatype field in a database table? for ex. There are more than one prices to an ITEM so PRICE would have an array such as PRICE(5)?? <BR>Thanks -

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    sheesh -- something descriptive perhaps?

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    Nope. Or you will have to create several fields for it. example: id, val1, val2, val3, val4, val5, description, etc.<BR><BR>Or... what is much better: Try to make a relational database. Example:<BR>Table 1<BR>ID, Description, etc<BR><BR>Table 2<BR>ID, Value<BR><BR>Now link the two tables together. Add a new field to tbl 2 as (id of tbl1, val) en repeat it as often as you wont. Now you can create a query like "select value from tbl2 where id="&tbl1_id<BR><BR>That would return an array, the rs. <BR>do while not rs.eof<BR> a(x) = rs(0)<BR> x=x+1<BR> rs.movenext<BR>loop

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