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    Greg McDonald Guest

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    I am having trouble passing a XML document from the client (javascript) to the server (ASP). It is quite strange. I am doing this on a server on our local intranet. I run the application with no problems, logged in from any machine here. Other people try running the same application and get this error "XML document must have a top level element." Obviously the ASP isn&#039;t getting the XML document. Sounds like a permissions problem right? Well, we&#039;ve got anonymous access turned on and these other users have no trouble accessing the other ASPs in that directory. I am not the owner of the files either since they were built on that server through our installation process. <BR><BR>Here is how I send the XML doc:<BR><BR>var xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");<BR>xmlhttp.Ope n("POST", vActionForm, false);<BR>xmlhttp.send (ServiceActionXML);<BR> <BR>if (vTNWFlg==1)<BR>{<BR> open(vActionForm);<BR>}<BR>else<BR>{<BR> open(vActionForm,window.name);<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>-------<BR>ServiceActionXML has data in it and it always works when I am logged in. <BR><BR>Here is how I am trying to get the data from the next ASP:<BR><BR>set vActionDoc = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")<BR> <BR>vActionDoc.async = false<BR>Response.Expires = -1000<BR>vActionDoc.load Request<BR> <BR>if ((vActionDoc.readyState = 4) AND(vActionDoc.parseError.errorCode = 0)) then<BR> Response.Write("Doc is good")<BR>else<BR> Response.Write("Error: " + vActionDoc.parseError.reason)<BR>end if<BR><BR><BR><BR>--------<BR><BR>I get the nice "Doc is good" message while others get the error message. Anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this? The different user accounts have the same access rights to the server. <BR><BR><BR>Thanks for any help you can give me,<BR><BR>Greg McDonald

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    zhivago Guest

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    "XML document must have a top level element." means your document is not well-formed. You need to make sure your xml is structured properly.<BR>

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