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    How do i invoke javascript or jscript events on email. i mean client side validations. can anyone help me out. <BR><BR>The following code i am writing on email body. This was working fine previously. <BR>&#060;script&#062; <BR>function showalert() <BR>{ <BR>document.txtmsg.value="this is working" <BR>} <BR>&#060;/script&#062; <BR> &#060;form name=test&#062; <BR>&#060;input type=textbox name=txtmsg&#062; <BR>&#060;input type=button onclick="javascript:showalert()"&#062; <BR>&#060;/form&#062; <BR><BR> Now i found that the mailservers change the code for security reasons. I am using jmail for sending emails. My platform is asp 2.0 with sqlserver 7.0 as backend.<BR><BR>Can you help me out?

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    this was cross posted AND reposted<BR><BR>the answer is email is filtered to prevent serious security risks posed by javascript in HTML email. don&#039;t use it. same as it was before.<BR><BR>j

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