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    I would like to provide a query wizard (or something like that) to users who want to generate reports from an access database. Since the amount of custom reports needed to be created is infinite, I was wondering if anyone knows of a simple query builder written in ASP?<BR>

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    Use checkboxes? Each checkbox could be your WHERE clause.<BR><BR>

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    Default Needs more than that... also need to be able to specify which fields to display.<BR><BR>And if you use a checkbox for the WHERE, then you likely want a text box to compare the value. And if you have the textbox, what kind of comparison? = or &#060;&#062; or &#062; or &#060;= or LIKE or ???<BR><BR>So I think that, for each field in the table, you need a &#060;SELECT&#062; list showing the possible operators (default being: don&#039;t select on this field) as well as a text box where the comparison value is entered. Further, you should sense the data type of the field and automatically provide validation that the user enters the right kind of data in that field (e.g., numeric, date/time, boolean, etc.).<BR><BR>Finally, you really should allow formatting of the reported fields. Probably not needed for text fields, but other types should have a drop down list to select desired format (e.g., for a numeric field, display as integer, as #.##, as $#,###.##, etc. Just provide choices that are easy to get via, for example, the builtin VBS Format routines.)<BR><BR>I think that doing anything less than all the above would produce a tool that would likely never be used, so why bother?<BR><BR>Did I mention that the first page of the tool should allow you to select a DB and then a table in the DB?<BR><BR>

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