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    Gimp Guest

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    Simple question I&#039;m sure. <BR>I have an array with 14 integers assigned (0-13). I need to see if another variable equals any of the integers assigned to the array. What is the correct syntax for comparing a variable to a full array? <BR><BR>If intBranchID &#060;&#062; arrBrExt(0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13) Then <BR> .do this <BR>Else <BR> .do this <BR>End If <BR><BR>Doing something like above returns a subscript out of range or type mismatch error. How can this be done? <BR>thanks <BR>Gimp

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    Hitech Mechanic Guest

    Default Seems the AAA again found some grass here!


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    mark Guest

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    If intBranchID &#060;&#062; arrBrExt(0) And _<BR>intBranchID &#060;&#062; arrBrExt(1) And _<BR>intBranchID &#060;&#062; arrBrExt(2) And _<BR>...<BR>intBranchID &#060;&#062; arrBrExt(13) then<BR><BR>.do this <BR>Else <BR>.do this <BR>End If <BR>

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