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    Kinda new to db work. How common, or is it possible, is it to have a insert into .... and then have a Where .... statement in the same sql?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    It doesn&#039;t make sense to have a where caluse in an insert statement. Either you want to insert it or you don&#039;t. If you don&#039;t, then don&#039;t issue the statement.

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    Not really in an INSERT statement, but in a SELECT statement that&#039;s part of a INSERT, yes.<BR><BR>INSERT INTO Table1 (F1, F2, f3)<BR>SELECT F1, F2, F3 FROM Table2 WHERE F4 = &#039;xyz&#039;<BR><BR>That will insert all records from table2 into table1 where field &#039;f4&#039; is equal to &#039;xyz&#039;<BR><BR>

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