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    Not Einstein Guest

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    This isn&#039;t really a asp problem.<BR>I&#039;m creating a database in access.<BR>I am trying to put a field in a report that will total a list of fields on that page of the report.<BR>How is this done??<BR>

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    Einstein Guest

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    You&#039;re right, this has nothing to do with asp. Go to the Access help and search for "computed fields".

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    It amy not be an ASP question, but it is in the database forum, and there are many non Asp questions asked here.<BR><BR>Anyway, one way would be to display the value of Reports![MyReportName].[Controls].[Count]<BR><BR>Note that this will return the count of ALL controls on the report (Labels, Lines, Pictures etc.) not just the data fields.

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