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    Shelz Guest

    Default The time

    Is there a way to use the time function for another server? I don&#039;t need the time from my webserver, just the time of another server....<BR><BR>

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    RDM Guest

    Default Does the other server have a web server process ru


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    Shelz Guest

    Default RE: Does the other server have a web server proces

    No, but I do get a datemodifed time for a file on it...

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    RDM Guest

    Default A little more detail please

    How exactly are you referencing this external file? Is it a shared drive to your web server? What&#039;s the importance of getting the time from the external server? More detail could make the determination as to which solution might be best.

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    Shelz Guest

    Default RE: A little more detail please

    I get the external file with the FSO.getfile method. Once the file is received then I look at the datemodified property. I then do a now function and just take the minute as an integer. But I need to get the time of the server where the file is from. Not on the webserver that&#039;s retrieving the file...?

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    RDM Guest

    Default An assumption...

    I&#039;ll assume the server the external file is on is a mapped drive to your web server. If not, then stop here and provide more details as to how you are accessing the file.<BR><BR>A quick workaround if the external server doesn&#039;t have a better method of retrieving time (RDMBS etc...), is you could run a scheduled job in the external server in a small VBScript that creates a specific file. You could then reference that file&#039;s attributes to get the external server&#039;s time. The job would have to run every few seconds or minutes though...<BR><BR>At of this depends on why you need the external server&#039;s time which you unfortunately didn&#039;t answer...

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    Shelz Guest

    Default Older than 10 minutes

    The file and the time I need are located on a server separate from my webserver. I get the file using a path like this objFILE.getfile("\nameoftheserversharedDrive$filen ame.txt") I then covert it&#039;s datemodified properties to a minute integer. For example if it is 10:30 then the integer would be 30. I want the time of the server the file is in not the time of the webserver. An example 10:34 would convert to 34. I subtract datemodified file integer from the now integer and that gives me one integer. If that integer is &#060;10 and &#062;-1 I&#039;m ok... but after that I&#039;m not...

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    RDM Guest

    Default RE: Older than 10 minutes

    Then possibly a scheduled job in VBScript could actually put<BR>the server time in the file. Possibly formatted in a specific fashion making it easier for you to check.

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