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    Shaw Guest

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    I would like to create a file download page on my site. The files to be downloaded are mostly .exe, .dll, and .zip files. Can anyone supply me with some sample code to do this, or point me in the right direction to find out more information?

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    RDM Guest

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    Just create a page that has links to these files. The browser will automatically download them when the user clicks the link. You may want to zip all your files as some network admins don't allow downloading of .exe's.

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    I tried that using the links and my browswer simply displays the file. I tried a TXT file and simply saw the contents of the file in my browswer. Then I tried an XLS file and it automated EXCEL<BR><BR>What am I doing wrong?

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    RDM Guest

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    Your original question didn&#039;t mention these file extensions. If the browser recognizes the file extension, it will automatically attempt to open the file. Zip files cannot be opened by the browser. You could always route to the folder using the FTP protocal instead. My guess, though, is you want something a little nicer...For recognized file extensions, I don&#039;t currently see an easy away around not zipping the files. Of course, you could always zip them on the file and then download the zip file if your content managers don&#039;t want to zip the original file.

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