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    sachin shrishrimal Guest

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    I have a problem regarding dependent list boxes.<BR>I have two list boxes 1:-&#062;country <BR> 2:-&#062;state <BR>I want to populate the state list box depending on country list box. e.g. If i select USA the list of states should appear in the state list box

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    Vijay Guest

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    First solution is..<BR>Upon selection of the country, go to the server, fetch the records of the states & send the html with select tag populated with the states...<BR><BR>Second is, Use DHTML...<BR><BR>Send all the data,countries & the corresponding states, to the HTML. First time show only the states of the default country. Put all other states in the Select tag with the select tag inside (DIV/SPAN/LAYER) hidden, one for each State list box(Select tag). Then on the onChange event of the Country list box, make the corresponding select tag(list box visible)<BR><BR>In second case, you have real work to do.<BR><BR>Can anybody suggest better ideas...<BR>

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