Running Oracle 7.3. Recently switched to Microsoft ODBC instead of Oracle as this was constantly causing problems/hangings.<BR><BR>Oracle odbc driver seems to try to connect to only 2 ports (primary and secondary) which is great as you can set those.<BR><BR>Microsoft odbc for Oracle 7.3, however tries to open a large RANGE of ports. At a given time lets say it open (example) port 1378 but a moment later on another page it wants to open 1378 or 1381 etc etc. A couple of days later its onto ports 15xx or 13xx.<BR>This is not good as the our firewall will deny these calls as we don&#039;t know which ports should be opened.<BR>And for obvious reasons we don&#039;t want to open up a range of several hundred ports on the firewall.<BR><BR>Is there any way to set Microsoft ODBC open given port(s)!?<BR><BR>..a