I&#039;m using sql server 7.0. When i&#039;m generating a asp-script, i&#039;m making a temp. table (because the source table is too big). But when a user stopts the script in the Explorer, the temp table isn&#039;t droped (which happends at the end of the script)....<BR><BR>Is their a way to see which (user)table are presented in the database, so i can drop then in 1 time (only the source table must stay..)<BR><BR>A temp. table begins always with the scriptname and then the choosen classname from the user, so... "vergadering"+T2D4 = vergaderingT2d4. or vergaderingT4D4....<BR><BR>Or is their is it possible to make a asp-script where i say :<BR>"drop tabel &#039;"&vergadering%%%%%%%%&"&#039;/....;"<BR><BR><BR>Already thanx for the help....<BR><BR>Pieter