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    I am using SA-Fileup components in our site for providing<BR>uploading/downloading feature for other users, the problem is<BR>that I want that user select multiple file through check box and only one/single download button can download all seleted/checked file from the web server to user machine.<BR>And second thing is user have also a choices that whether he/she only want to download that selected file, only want delete that<BR>selected file from the server or perform both actions together.<BR>pl. give me the solution of this problem using sa-fileup components.....<BR><BR>If u have a solution regarding that issue plz. email me at my email address

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    Asked Here - Answered Here.<BR><BR>That being said, I believe that safileup comes with an <BR>archive component, look into the documentation on how to pack your files into a zip for a download.<BR><BR>I am not sure what the problem is with<BR>being able to do the download/delete combo.<BR><BR>Why not set some checkboxes for the delete, and/or download<BR><BR>Then process the download request if there, <BR>and then check for the delete request, and use a little FSO<BR>to can the file. <BR><BR>am i missing something?

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