I need to know the event that takes place when a user closes his browser using the &#039;X&#039; button at the title bar.<BR><BR>I need to run a small routine upon exiting the web application.<BR><BR>IExplorer uses On_Exit event. but this event is not recognized by Netscape Navigator.<BR><BR>I tried the &#039;onunload&#039; event and works fine if the user immediately closed the browser window. But, upon switching to the next page of the web app, it runs the &#039;onunload&#039; event again!. What I need is the event when the browser is closed by the user. (I can&#039;t rely on OnSession_End or OnApplication_End since they will not work if my Netscape Messenger is still running....i think)<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR><BR><BR>