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    Default session object

    What are session objects

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    Default ask in detail

    hi what u want in the session object ask indetail

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    Hi, yes the question is very vague, but this sounds like a beginner asking.. so here&#039;s some stuff you can look at:<BR><BR>My brief definition: They allow you to store values throughout a user&#039;s "stay" (or session) such as login and password. They are stored on the Server&#039;s memory, and can be set to timeout after a certain time. They are related to Cookies (if cookies are disabled, so will Session variables) but cookies stay typically longer on the client computer, in a text file.<BR><BR>For a generality on them:<BR><BR><BR>For more precise indices on them:<BR><BR><BR>Hope you have fun learning ASP, best luck,<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Vadim C.<BR>

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