Is there a dir() function in ASP like VB?

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Thread: Is there a dir() function in ASP like VB?

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    Default Is there a dir() function in ASP like VB?

    How would I code a function so that a user can click a button on an ASP form to run a function to search their hard drive for mp3's?

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    Default How could there be?

    Even if dir() existed in ASP, did you forget where the ASP code is running? It is running *ON THE SERVER*. Not on the user&#039;s machine. So it would get a list of files ON THE SERVER.<BR><BR>If that&#039;s what you want--though it sure didn&#039;t sound like it--then, yes, you can do the equivalent using the FileSystemObject. See the ASPFAQs for some examples that will point you in the right direction.<BR><BR>If you want to do it on the client...well, not without an ActiveX control, and that means convincing the users to download a DLL and that means either buying a certificate ($$$) or getting people to trust you without one. Ummm...I wouldn&#039;t. Even if I believed you were a nice guy, I wouldn&#039;t trust your programming until you were certified.<BR><BR>Oh...and it won&#039;t work then with NS browsers, by and large.<BR><BR>

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