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    I read today that California was having more black outs. The main reason for this is, that only half of the Hydro electric power plants are on line and producing electric power. That being said, I also found out today why the electric power companies were charging more for electric power. At least I ms,. The power companies charged more for electric power this year wasnt because people used more electricity,but because the hydro plants that were on line, And running on water, That up to this year was running to the dams at no cost, and the dams were letting the turbines produce the electricty, that was reasonably priced, to customers all over the us, came to an ubrupt end, for guess why, Its plain to see that GOD is charging the power companies more for water this year and they merely passed the cost onto the people, After all I suppose he needed more money. This I feel can be the only reason the the cost of electricty I ms would go up 200 percent in one month. Shame on god for price goughing.

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    who gives a **** about california's power problems???

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