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    I recently reinstalled Win2000 and installed the MS Script Debugger. I am testing my ASP pages through my personal web server and have set app debugger "on" in IIS. When the page hits a "stop", it brings up the debugger, but doesn't sit and wait for me at the "stop"; it proceeds to draw the rest of the page and doesn't allow me to debug (i.e., check vars in the command window, step through, etc.). Anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Same problem, same config

    My ASP works with FileStream objects and doesn&#039;t do much display work at all (just Response.Write output to show me what&#039;s happening). <BR><BR>Some of my functions aren&#039;t doing what I expect. What I want to do is step through the functions in a debugger, but I can&#039;t keep it from running through until it hits a processing error, which is too late. The page that eventually opens in the debugger isn&#039;t my ASP, but the ASP that displays the error message.<BR><BR>I can open the source file for my ASP in the debugger, but it isn&#039;t an active document, so I can&#039;t set a breakpoint.<BR><BR>Somebody please lend me a clue--how do I set a breakpoint somewhere in one of my functions?

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