Hi there,<BR><BR>I am confused of how I am going to implement this. Here is the scenario. I am in the process of building a component in VB, using Sql Server(7.0) as the database and ASP. I need to create a dynamic stored procedure as a separate method in the VB component. eg: sub Function Result(Para1, para2) and within this I need to create dynamic stored porcedure .How do you do this, and how do we call this method which has the stored procedure in the asp page?<BR><BR>I had to do this because, we were using dynamic SQL which contains just one select query, but now the requirement is to add additional min(column_name) and max (column_name) which lead to multiple query. So I had to go for stored procedure.<BR><BR>Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Sapna<BR><BR>