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    Smayle Guest

    Default Won't Refresh Why???

    I am creating some test .ASP using PWS, I create the asp and save it in my root directory. I can run the asp page from my browser and it executes nicely. I go back into notepad open up the same .asp file, make some little changes to my VBScript (i.e. I run a sql statement and do a response.write of the output and now I want to change what table I&#039;m outputting or insert a BR in between output lines). I save the .asp in the same directory with the same name and then go back to IE and press refresh to see my changes and it won&#039;t refresh. I even closed IE and opened it back up (entered in the .asp name) and it reflects the incorrect information (the .asp it had before I made the changes). What irks me even more is that I didn&#039;t have this problem earlier this morning - I made changes, hit refresh in IE and everything was fine. Is there some setting that might have gotten changed?? The only other thing I have been doing this morning is playing around in InterDev - could that have changed some setting?? <BR><BR>I also copied the .asp up to the server (IIS) - ran it (worked nicely) opened up the .asp in Notepad on the server, made changes, saved, and refreshed IE and didn&#039;t have any problems.<BR><BR>I am really beginning to hate using PWS for testing! Any help or suggestions for this problem is appreciated!

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    RDM Guest

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    Sometimes PWS gets hung up. Stop and restart PWS. You might also want to set your page not to cache while testing...

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    Smayle Guest

    Default Thanks!!!

    PWS must have been hung up - I came in this morning and tested the same .asp, made some changes, refreshed IE and everything worked! Thank you very much for answering!!!<BR><BR>Sue

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