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    ok its not exactly an asp question BUT youve come this far so you may as well read the rest. I am trying to get a script to run every day, its purpose is to send an email out to certain people. I used asp but i couldnt close the IE window, so someone told me to use windows scripting host, but the email part of it doesnt send ! Is there anything i have to use to get the mail to send ? here is the code i am using for the email :<BR><BR>strTo = SendTo<BR>strBody = "blah blah"<BR> <BR>&#039 Create an instance of the NewMail object.<BR>Set objCDOMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail") <BR>&#039 Set the properties of the object <BR>objCDOMail.From = strfrom<BR>objCDOMail.To = strTo <BR>objCDOMail.Subject = strSubject<BR>objCDOMail.Body = strBody<BR>&#039 Send the message! <BR>objCDOMail.Send<BR> <BR>&#039 Set the object to nothing because it immediately becomes<BR>&#039 invalid after calling the Send method.<BR>Set objCDOMail = Nothing

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    I wrote a little program in vb to send mail then scheduled it to run using WinAT from the NT Resource Kit. Probably a little overkill, but it was easy. Of course, this doesn&#039t help you if you don&#039t have access to VB.<BR>

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