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    Marty Guest

    Default Importing to SQL Problems

    I have been importing this table from Paradox into Access and then into MSSQL for months w/o problems. I checked the datatype of the current table and the new one both match.<BR><BR>Two columns are added: Added info Code (all zeros) adn IsActive (all ones)<BR><BR>And I keep getting an error: Error during Transformation &#039;DirectCopyXForm&#039; for Row Number 1. Errors encountered so far in this task 1.<BR> TransformCopy &#039;DirectCopyXForm&#039; conversion error. Conversion invalid for datatypes on column pair 2 (source column &#039;Description&#039; (DBTYPE_WSTR), distination column &#039;IsActive (DVTYPE_BOOL)).<BR><BR>What do I do?<BR><BR>

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    Marty Guest

    Default New Error: Log File is Full

    The log file for the database &#039;xyz&#039; is full -- where I find it?

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    Marty Guest

    Default Sys Admin fixed Log Error So old problem is Back

    Error during Transformation &#039;DirectCopyXform&#039; for Row number 1. erros encountered so far in this task:1.<BR>TransformCopy &#039;directCopyXform&#039; conveersion error: Destination does not allow Null on clumn pair 2 (source coumn &#039;Company Name&#039; (DBTYPE_WSTR),destination column &#039;IsActive&#039;(DBTYPE_BOOL))<BR><BR><BR> What is this?

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