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    I&#039;m developing an internal site - users have accounts on an NT domain & the IIS server uses pass through authentication to grant permissions when they log onto the site. Depending on the domain groups the user is a member of, they will have permission to update records (MS SQL 7.0), or just to read them.<BR><BR>Is there a way to lookup the groups the user is a member of? I want to hide / display pages depending on group membership. I&#039;ve spent far too long beating my head on the wall. So far I&#039;ve managed to find the user name which is server.variable(REMOTE_USER). . . Any ideas?<BR><BR>

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    Allong with the userid also have a column in the Db to assign the user to a group(s)<BR><BR>then save that into a session variable and then check on each page for the group...if the user cannot then redirect them to another page.<BR><BR>

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    The problem is that the logins for the users who belong to the "READ only group" aren&#039;t stored explicity in the the database. They belong to an NT domain group & that group is granted read permissions to the database. Once I obtain the login, I need to lookup the groups it is a member of on the NT domain, not in the database.

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